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    What does it mean to be a part of Front Porch?

    First and foremost, it means that you want to be a part of a community.  In the past, people spent a great deal of time on a front porch visiting with neighbors, friends, and family.  It was a place for relationships to develop, people to be at ease, and to share life together.

    At NewChurch, we want our version of Front Porches to do the same…we want to spend time together building relationships with each other.  This community gathering can occur at any day and time of the week (following a semester schedule:  Fall, spring, and summer) either in homes or public spaces.  It also provides opportunities within social and personal space for people to develop relationships.

    Every Front Porch week is different just like life is different every week.  The best way to become involved in a Front Porch is to go to one with someone you already know.

    Check out the offerings either looking at our upcoming events (below) or our current calendar (link on the left hand side of this page)!

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    Thanks for checking out Adult Discipleship at NewChurch!
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